Monday, November 8, 2010

Ultimatum to Obama and all Hostiles, Surrender or Die!

This is Colleen Thomas, a home health administrator turned pysicist who specializes in the science of creation. She also happens to be the "mother" of a race of good aliens on Earth to defend humans from lizard people. Ok Crazy!

Here is a message she posted for Obama. If he does infact go to India then him and his 'cronies' will be killed by a tsunami unless they surrender themselves to one of his FEMA death camps so they can be beamed up to a different planet. Unfortunately for her Obama is in India and there wasn't a tsunami when he landed so I guess he's safe from the lizard people for now. But don't think that they don't exist! Remember how there were no bodies found after the 2004 tsunami? That was from the Reptilians who steal bodies and eat them. Again too bad for her that there were in fact many bodies recovered and photographed but let's just let her have this one too...

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