Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Selfish prick sues parents for emotional distress after he kills their kid

David Weaving is serving 10 years for running over and killing a 14 year old boy on his bike. Now he's suing the parents of the boy for "contributory negligance" because he wasn't wearing a helmet. He claims that by letting their son ride without one has caused him "great mental and emotional pain and suffering" as well as wrongful imprisonment. He's asking for over $15,000 in damages, and while he doesn't have to pay legal fees because he has no money, Kenney's parents are forced to pay theirs.

My guess is that he's not going to win this one especially considering his DUI history and the DMV's admissio that his license should have been revoked before this incident. Way to drag the devistated parents on this new adventure Weaving. I've never heard of anyone so selfish!

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