Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The FDA is still bowing down to the political Right and not taking steps to address the judges issues to allow the Morning After Pill be accessible to everyone. Currently if you are under 17 you would need a perscription and show your ID in order to get it.

According to the Center for Reproductive Rights:

"No drug besides Plan B is subject to a two-tiered prescription/over-the-counter structure based on age. And no other over-the-counter drug requires production of identification for purchase.* The testimony of FDA employees and officials makes clear that the FDA's decisions regarding emergency contraception were made on the basis of politics, rather than on considerations of the drug's safety and efficacy. This influence appears to have come from as far up as the White House."
Now that it's been a year and a half and the FDA hasn't taken any steps to address these issues, the center is going back to court to try to make the FDA obey the court order. "The FDA's disregard of the Court's clear and lawful order harms women whose access to Plan B is hindered by substantial obstacles imposed by the FDA, particularly in light of the need to take the medication within 72 hours of sexual intercourse in order for it to be effective," the motion said.

Dear FDA please believe in science and not what the imaginary man in the sky is telling you. I would assume you've been doing this already but I must be mistaken. Also listen to these cute bunnies!

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