Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fringe Tights

Photo of Wolford Fringe Tights

Ah, yes, another style trend that I'm super excited about. These fringe tights....I literally just stopped typing for a few minutes trying to figure out words to say about them. I like Frisky's list of Pros and Cons so here it is below:

Pro: If you were bored at a work meeting, you could braid your hosiery’s hair.
Con: If your boss caught you braiding your hosiery’s hair at a work meeting, that might not work out well for you professionally.

Pro: Those luminous layers of fringe could draw attention to your great legs.
Con: The luminous fringe on your legs could make the hair on your head seem dull and limp by comparison.

Pro: In the winter it’s nice to relax your shaving routine and wear tights to cover the stubble.
Con: These tights make it look like you gave up shaving altogether. And popped some hair-growth pills. Sassy Sasquatch status.

Pro: Maybe the fringe would keep your legs warm? (I said maybe.)
Con: Have you ever seen those “Dateline” specials about people who have to get their legs amputated because their clothes got caught in an escalator? I feel like having a bunch of strings hanging off your lower leg is just begging for a terrifying escalator encounter.

Pro: When you shake your leg in these tights it kind of looks like a poodle trying to dry itself off. Which is kind of cute, I guess.
Con: Prepare to get your leg humped by every dog you meet.

Pro: You’ll be the only one on the block rocking $425 fringed tights.
Con: Holy crap, you guys, these tights cost $425.

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