Monday, October 4, 2010


Ok, so I have to admit that even after watching "Food Inc." and "Supersize Me," I still get a craving for fast food. Luckily I don't eat chicken nuggets ever but I'm sure there isn't much difference for how the beef looks in comparison to this:

That's right folks, this is what that chicken nugget looks like raw. And if this isn't bad enough for you consider these fun facts:

  • The substance is called MSC, or mechanically separated chicken

  • It’s a sickening puree of the ENTIRE chicken including bones, eyes, feet, everything

  • It’s then treated with ammonia to destroy bacteria, and then because it tastes so bad, is mixed with artificial flavoring

  • And then dyed pink

  • My roommate says it looks like strawberry ice cream. Yet another thing ruined for me!

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