Monday, October 11, 2010

Peruvian Teen in Wheelchair after denied a Medically Necessary Abortion

Remember that story about the woman in Poland who died because the doctors refused to operate because she was pregnant and could have miscarried? Well here's a similar story from Peru.

This 13 year old girl was raped repeatedly by a 34 year old man. When she found out about the pregnancy, he refused to believe it was his which led her to a suicide attempt. She climbed to the top of her neighbors building and jumped, it took a few hours for her to be noticed on the street then taken to the hospital.

However the doctors refused to operate because she was pregnant even though in Peru, it is legal to save a woman's life if it means an abortion, and her family petitioned for one.

She later miscarried and it took four months for her to be granted the surgery she needed, by which time it was too late to do much good, she is now confined to a wheelchair.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is litigating her case, arguing that Peru is in violation of its own constitution as well as international treaties.

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