Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I have set forth on a new adventure out of sheer boredom/lonlieness and signed up with E-Harmony as a nice little experiment. At no time did it occur to me that I'd actually go through with it but I kept submitting my answers to ultra personal questions until my profile was complete. Then this morning I get to my emails and see that I have 7 matches and they want to talk with me! This is moving way too fast for my taste but out of curiosity I read their profiles. At this point I really want to see their pictures but I have to pay. Sigh, fine. Let's just say I'm having a little bit of buyers remorse. I think most of the hot guys are still in their partying phase and I'm out of the 'dating based on personality' phase of my life. I really don't mean to sound bitchy because no matter what the looks are, most of the men I've been with can still disappoint so I might has well have something good to look at!

Oh God, I can't believe I wrote this...

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