Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Felony Conviction of a Mom Trying to Send Her Kids to a Safer School

Kelly Williams-Bolar did the worst thing a person could possibly ever do in the history of time and was convicted of a felony because of it. What's her crime? Falsifying records so her kids could go to a safer school. Thank God we got this crazy off the streets, am I right?!

40 year old Williams-Bolar lives in subsidised housing in Akron Ohio, her father lives in Copley Township. She reported that her children live with her father so they could get a better education at a safer school. Now if that's not a henious crime I don't know what is!

The school district grew suspicious (maybe, it's cuz she's black and it was a primarily white school) about the girls and hired a private detective (way to spend tax payer money) who filmed the mother dropping her kids off at her dad's house for the bus stop. Officials confronted her and she was charged with falsifying records and grand theft over $30,500 the school claims it lost on their tuition (because her father being a tax payer for that district couldn't possible count).

Typically these cases don't even make it to trial (there are about 15-20 per year) however this one did and she was made an example of. The State refused to budge and wouldn't offer her a lighter sentance such as a misdemeanor. Now she has a felony and spent 10 days in jail. She was working to become a teacher's assistant which is now impossible because of her record. Congrats Copley Township School District - you are a piece of work.

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