Thursday, September 30, 2010

TV shows that met their end too soon

It's time again to start axing the underdogs on Cable. Luckily, I'm not yet attached to any but I always seem to get disappointed as if it's a personal attack on me when one of my favorites end. Here would be my top 5 in no particular order:

Charlie Crews, a former cop, spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. With the help of a sexy lawyer he was set free with millions, a hunger for fruit and a strong dislike for his ex wife's new husband. As part of his settlement he became a detective and as he solved strange crimes while hiding his hobby, finding the ones who set him up and murdered his friends.

This show within a show by the great Aaron Sorkin was a dramedy following the behind the scenes goings on of a sketch comedy show like SNL. Think 30 Rock but not as funny and smarter. I love how each member of the cast was so quick and articulate - oh to have that quality for myself!

Who couldn't love this once wealthy family in distress as Michael Bluth tries to hold it all together? I wish my business cards were as memorable as Tobias' "Analrapist" or could claim with pride that I'm an Illusionist and that tricks are what whores do for money...or cocaine. Let's keep hoping the movie goes through!

Before Judd Apatow was known for the 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up he produced this great work of art about growing up and finding your true identity. Let's just say that I am Lindsey Weir the main character of this show. I was a naive, goody two shoes that grew up, moved to the city, got a couple tattoos and lived a little. 

For 137 seconds the whole world blacked out and saw their future. Not surprisingly this caused massive amounts of damage-death and an investigation ensued. It was the best of bad vs. good and although we received some closure there were still open endings, you know like the fact there was another flash forward at the very end of the show! 

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