Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy Michigan Official justifies gay student attacks

Michigan's assistant attorney, Andrew Shrivill, believes he is involved in some kind of political campaign against the U of M's gay, student assembly president, Chris Armstrong. Now I can assure you that there is no such campaign but Shrivell a.k.a Crazy, believes that Armstrong's agenda is so radical that he is "Satan's Representative" and must be stopped. So how does one do this? Well naturally they begin cyber bullying, then lightly stalking, oh and don't forget, drawing swastikas on the 'enemy's' pictures. I must have missed the memo on how the gays are all Nazis. Noted. 

Watch the video to see how Shrivill justifies his behavior and keep in mind this is all coming from an adult (sort of).

UPDATE 10.1.10: It seems that Mr. Shrivill has taken a leave of absence from his position. No word yet on how long that will last. Click here for more details!

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